Band Sealer Teflon Belt 750 mm , T 1


Band Sealer, with a dimension of 750 mm circumference and a T1 design, is a specialized component designed to enhance packaging efficiency. With a focus on quality, this belt is classified as CLASS B, making it ideal for applications requiring less than 2 hours of daily usage.

Built to exacting standards, the Teflon belt ensures smooth and consistent movement of packaging materials through the band sealer. Its T1 configuration offers optimal grip and traction, ensuring that packages are securely sealed during the process. The Teflon material adds a layer of durability and heat resistance, reducing friction and preventing overheating, which is especially beneficial for prolonged use.

Catering to businesses with intermittent packaging needs, the Teflon Belt for Band Sealer (750 mm, T1) offers a reliable and efficient solution. Its CLASS B quality designation ensures that it excels in scenarios where moderate usage is the norm, guaranteeing that packaging operations remain productive and hassle-free.


 Band sealer  

Teflon belt  for band sealer 

Dimension : 750 mm circumference

Quality : CLASS B { specifically for use less than 2 hours a day }  

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

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