Break Roller


Brake Roller, an essential spare part designed to optimize your strapping machine’s performance. Priced at ₹280.00, this component offers a cost-effective solution to enhance your machine’s efficiency.

Categorized under strapping machine spare parts, the Brake Roller is meticulously crafted to contribute to controlled braking and tension during strapping operations. This component plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your strapping machine.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, warehouse management, or equipment maintenance, the Brake Roller is a fundamental element for the smooth operation of your strapping machine. By investing in this spare part, you’re investing in the prolonged performance and effectiveness of your equipment. Upgrade your machine with the Brake Roller to guarantee consistent and dependable strapping operations.


Made from nylon  , ideal for giving a guide to strap flow .going from left to right .

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Weight 1 kg

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