Box strapping machine Dispensor


Dispenser, a crucial spare part designed to facilitate smooth and efficient strapping operations. Priced at ₹3,990.00, this component offers quality and functionality.

Categorized under strapping machine spare parts, the Dispenser is an integral part of the strapping process. It serves as the mechanism where the strap roll is fixed and tightened. Comprising two metal plates with a bearing-driven shaft, the Dispenser ensures precise and controlled dispensing of the strapping material.

Designed to be compatible with box strapping machines, this spare part is tailored to enhance the efficiency of your equipment. Whether you’re involved in manufacturing, packaging, or equipment maintenance, the Dispenser is an essential addition to your setup. Upgrade your strapping machine with this component to ensure seamless and reliable strapping operations.


dispencor , where strap roll is fixed tightened , comprises of two metal plated  with a bearing driven shaft. for box strpping machine .

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Weight 5 kg

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