Ceramic Infrared heater 245*60 , 1000 watt, 220 vac. with T/C


Ceramic Infrared Heater 245*60 with Thermocouple – a dynamic heating solution that combines performance and precision. Boasting a power output of 650 watts, this heater operates efficiently at 220 volts, catering to your heating needs effectively.

Measuring at 245*60 mm, these ceramic infrared heaters are well-suited for a range of applications, from residential spaces to industrial setups. Priced at ₹1,705.00, they offer exceptional value for their advanced features and capabilities, making them an excellent investment in comfort and efficiency.

What sets these heaters apart is their integration of a thermocouple, enabling meticulous temperature regulation. This feature is especially valuable when precise control over heating is essential, ensuring optimal comfort and energy savings.

Manufactured by Beeco Electronics under the renowned Ceramicx brand, these heaters embody reliability and quality. The Ceramic Infrared Heater 245*60 stands as a testament to Ceramicx’s commitment to innovative design and functionality.

Whether you seek to create a cozy atmosphere in your living space or require focused heating in an industrial context, these heaters are versatile and dependable. Secure your Ceramic Infrared Heater 245*60 with Thermocouple today to experience a new level of heating excellence.

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Ceramic infrared heaters

dimension 245*60 mm

input : 220 volt

watt: 650

with thermocouple

make : ceramicx original

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 cm

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