Ceramic Infrared Heater 245*60 , 650 watt, 220 vac, with T/C


Ceramic Infrared Heater 245*60, a high-performance heating solution equipped with an integrated thermocouple for precise temperature control.

Measuring 245*60 mm, this ceramic infrared heater efficiently radiates heat across a designated area.

Operating at 220 volts, it delivers an impressive 1000 watts of heating power, ensuring rapid and consistent warmth.

Expertly crafted by Ceramicx, this heater guarantees reliability and top-notch performance.

Incorporating an in-built thermocouple, it enables accurate temperature regulation for enhanced efficiency.

In conclusion, the Ceramic Infrared Heater 245*60 with integrated thermocouple combines substantial dimensions, high wattage, and renowned make to provide efficient, controlled heating tailored to your needs.

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Ceramic infrared heaters with in built thermocouple

dimension 245*60 mm

input : 220 volt

watt: 1000

without thermocouple

make :  ceramicx

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

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