Swastik GT8-D PID/On-Off Temperature Controller


GT8-D PID/On-Off Temperature Controller, designated by the model number GT8-DTS-110, offers advanced temperature control solutions for both heating and cooling processes. Designed to effectively manage temperature fluctuations, the controller utilizes PID control technology and the capability for ON/OFF cooling. It can dynamically switch between ON/OFF cooling and PID intelligent control modes, ensuring optimal temperature stability and precise regulation.

With a compact size of 72 x 72 mm, the controller features a 4-digit/7-segment display that provides clear and easily readable temperature information. The display supports two selectable resolution options, 0.1 Degree C or 1 Degree C, which contributes to accurate temperature control and monitoring.

The GT8-D controller operates within a voltage range of 180-240 V, allowing it to adapt to various power supply conditions. It accommodates a range of input types, including Current (mA), Voltage (mV), Thermocouple, and RTD, enhancing its compatibility with different temperature sensors. The control output options are Relay/SSR, offering flexibility in integrating with different systems.

Operating at a frequency of 50/60 Hz, the GT8-D controller boasts the PID/On-Off control type, providing precise and responsive temperature regulation. The controller is associated with the Cautoni-Swastik brand, which is known for reliable and high-quality control solutions. The GT8-DTS-110 model stands as an effective and versatile temperature control option in various applications.


This is GT8-D PID/On-Off Temperature Controller and Model no is GT8-DTS-110 ,PID control for both Heating and cooling , Avoid temperature fluctuation by On/OFF cooling , Cooling type changes in to PID intelligent control form ON-OFF return difference control.


Size 72 x 72 mm
Display Type 4 Digit/7 Segment
Resolution 0.1 Degree C or 1 Degree C
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Voltage 180-240 V
Control output Type Relay/SSR
Input Type Current (mA),Voltage (mV),Thermocouple,RTD
Control Type PID/On-Off
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Brand Cautoni-Swastik / Beeco Electronics
Model No. GT8-DTS-110


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