Swastik GT8-B PID/On-Off Temperature Controller


GT8-B PID/On-Off Temperature Controller offers advanced temperature control capabilities with its PID control functionality for both heating and cooling processes. The model number for this controller is GT8-BTS-320. This controller is designed to effectively manage temperature fluctuations by intelligently switching between ON/OFF cooling and PID control, ensuring stable and precise temperature regulation.

Measuring 48 x 96 mm, the controller features a 4-digit/7-segment display that provides clear temperature readings. It offers selectable resolution settings of 1 Degree C or 0.1 Degree C, achieving accurate temperature control. With an impressive accuracy of +/- 0.5% FS, the controller ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Operating within a voltage range of 180-240 V, the GT8-B controller accommodates various power supply conditions. It supports multiple input types, including Current (mA), Voltage (mV), Thermocouple, and RTD, making it compatible with various temperature sensors. The control output options are Relay/SSR, offering versatility in integration with different systems.

The controller’s PID/On-Off control type further enhances its temperature regulation capabilities. It operates at a frequency of 50/60 Hz and is branded by Cautoni-Swastik. The GT8 series offers a wide range of controller variants, with the GT8-BTS-320 being a reliable option for achieving precise and stable temperature control in various applications


This is GT8-B PID/On-Off Temperature Controller and Model no is  GT8-BTS-320. PID control for both Heating and cooling , Avoid temperature fluctuation by On/OFF cooling . Cooling type changes in to PID intelligent control form ON-OFF return difference control


Size 48 x 96 mm
Display Type 4 Digit/7 Segment
Resolution 1 Degree C/ 0.1 Degree C
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Voltage 180-240 V
Control output Type Relay/SSR
Input Type Current (mA),Voltage (mV),Thermocouple,RTD
Control Type PID/On-Off
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Brand Cautoni-Swastik / Beeco Electronics
Model No. GT8-BTS-320


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