Selec TC 244 AX


TC 244 AX is an advanced temperature controller that offers a dual display and dual set point configuration, making it an exceptional solution for precise temperature management. With its 4-digit dual display, this controller provides comprehensive temperature monitoring capabilities, ensuring efficient control in various industrial applications.

Designed to accommodate diverse temperature measurement needs, the TC 244 AX supports a wide range of sensor inputs, including TC (J, K, T, R, S) and RTD (PT100). Its versatility extends to control options, featuring ON-OFF control or more sophisticated auto-tune PID control, allowing you to tailor the controller’s response to your specific requirements.

Featuring dual set points, the TC 244 AX provides flexibility for managing temperature variations. It comes equipped with a 5A relay or 12V SSR control output, as well as an auxiliary 5A relay output, ensuring seamless integration with your control system.

Measuring at 72 mm x 72 mm, this controller offers a compact footprint suitable for panel mounting. Its Heat-Cool PID and Dwell timer functions provide enhanced temperature control capabilities for your processes.

With a supply voltage range of 90 to 270V AC/DC, the TC 244 AX is adaptable to various power systems, making it a reliable tool for maintaining precise temperature control across different environments.


Dual Display, Dual Set Point, Relay/SSR+ Relay Output, 72X72 mm

Product: TC244AX
  • 4 digit Dual display temperature controller
  • (TC: J, K, T, R, S/ RTD: PT100) sensor input
  • ON-OFF/Auto-tune PID control
  • Dual set point
  • 5A Relay/ 12V SSR control output
  • Auxiliary 5A Relay output
  • 72 mm x 72 mm size
  • Heat-Cool PID and Dwell timer functions
  • Panel mount
  • 90 to 270V AC/DC supply voltage

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