AK6-B SMART PID/On-Off Temperature Controller


AK6-B SMART PID/On-Off Temperature Controller, identified by the model number AK6-BKS-400, offers advanced temperature control capabilities for diverse applications. Part of the AK6 series of smart temperature controllers, it is designed to provide accurate and dependable temperature regulation. This controller features a compact size of 48 x 96 mm, ensuring convenient integration into control systems.

With a dual display available in both white and red color options, the AK6-B controller offers enhanced visibility of temperature parameters. It caters to a temperature range suited for various industrial processes, making it a versatile choice.

The controller is equipped with a 4-digit/7-segment display, providing options for either 0.1-degree Celsius or 1-degree Celsius resolution, ensuring accurate temperature monitoring and control. It offers an accuracy level of +/- 0.5% full scale, ensuring reliable and consistent temperature management.

With relay and SSR output options, as well as support for thermocouple and RTD input types, the AK6-B SMART controller is adaptable to different control scenarios. It operates within a voltage range of 90-270 VAC/DC, accommodating various power supplies. The controller supports both PID and On-Off control types, allowing for flexible control strategies based on application requirements.

This controller is presented by Cautoni-Beeco Electronics, a reputable brand known for delivering innovative and trustworthy control solutions.


This is AK6-B SMART PID/On-Off Temperature Controller and Model no is AK6-BKS-400 . Ak6 series smart temperature controller, Dual Display in white colour as well as in Red colour, With relay & SSR output put it in SMART raneg of Temperature controller.


Size 48 x 96 mm
Display Type 4 Digit/7 Segment
Resolution 0.1 Degree C or 1 Degree C
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Voltage 90-270 VAC/DC
Control output Type Relay/SSR
Input Type Thermocouple,RTD
Control Type PID/On-Off
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Brand Cautoni- Beeco Electronics
Model No. AK6-BKS-400


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