Swastik AK6-800 ARC Extinction PID Controller For Packaging Machine


AK6-800 ARC Extinction PID Controller is a specialized solution designed to enhance the performance of packaging machines, catering to the specific requirements of the packaging industry. Its model number is AK6-AKS-800, and it comes with advanced ARC (Auto Recovery Control) technology, making it ideal for direct load applications of up to 2000 W.

The controller features a dual display, allowing for clear visibility and monitoring of temperature parameters. Designed for packaging machines, heat press machines, and food machinery, it offers precise control and management of temperature to ensure consistent packaging quality and efficiency.

With a compact size of 48 x 48 mm, this controller is suited for integration into various packaging machine setups. Its accuracy of +/- 0.5% full scale and 1-degree Celsius resolution guarantee reliable and accurate temperature regulation. It operates at a voltage of 230 VAC and uses relay-based control output.

This AK6-800 controller accepts various sensor inputs including RTD and thermocouple types (K, E, J, N, PT-100). With its 8A relay control output, PID control type, and ARC technology, it’s tailored to meet the demanding needs of the packaging industry. The controller is certified with ISO, reflecting its commitment to quality standards. The AK6-AKS-800 is a product by Cautoni-Beeco Electronics, renowned for their innovative and reliable control solutions.


This is AK6-800 ARC Extinction PID Controller For Packaging Machine and Model no is  AK6-AKS-800. ARC technology is High performance ,  Direct load up to 2000 W , Designed for Food machine, packaging machine & Heat press


Display Dual Display
Load Direct Heater Load Up to 2000 W
Size 48 x 48 mm
Resolution 1 Degree C
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Voltage 230 VAC
Control output Type Relay
Input Type RTD,Thermocouple
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Application Specially Designed for Packaging Industry
Color Black
Sensor Input K,E,J,N / PT-100
Humidity (%) 35-85%
Control Output 8 A Relay
Control Type PID
Model No. AK6-AKS-800
Certifications ISO
Brand Cautoni- Beeco Electronics / Swastik


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Warranty : 1 year cover { not valid if found fire burnt or damaged }


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