AK6-A SMART PID/On-Off Temperature Controller


AK6-A SMART PID/On-Off Temperature Controller, represented by the model number AK6-ATS-100, offers advanced temperature control capabilities for various applications. Part of the AK6 series of smart temperature controllers, it is designed to provide precise and reliable temperature regulation. This controller comes in a compact size of 48 x 48 mm, ensuring easy integration into control systems.

Equipped with a dual display featuring both white and red color options, the AK6-A controller offers enhanced visibility of temperature parameters. It operates within a wide temperature range from -200 to 2300 degrees Celsius, allowing it to cater to a diverse set of industrial processes.

The controller features a 6-digit dual display with options for both 1-degree Celsius and 0.1-degree Celsius resolution, enabling accurate monitoring and control. It offers a high accuracy of +/- 0.5% full scale, ensuring consistent and reliable temperature management.

With control output options of relay and SSR, as well as support for RTD and thermocouple input types, the AK6-A SMART controller is versatile and adaptable. It can operate on a voltage range of 90-270 VAC/DC, making it suitable for various power supplies. The PID/On-Off control type provides flexible control strategies based on application requirements.

This controller bears the CE certification, reflecting its compliance with quality and safety standards. It is proudly presented by Cautoni-Beeco Electronics, known for delivering innovative and dependable control solutions.


This is AK6-A SMART PID/On-Off Temperature Controller and Model no is AK6-ATS-100 .  Ak6 series smart temperature controller, Dual Display in white colour as well as in Red colour, With relay & SSR output put it in SMART raneg of Temperature controller.
Product Details:
Temperature Range – 200 to 2300 Degree C
Size 48 x 48 mm
Display Type 6 Digit Dual Display
Resolution 1 Degree C/ 0.1 Degree C
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Voltage 90-270 VAC/DC
Control output Type Relay/SSR
Input Type RTD,Thermocouple
Control Type PID/On-Off
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Humidity (%) 35-85%
Model No. AK6-ATS-100
Certifications CE
Brand Cautoni-Beeco Electronics


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Weight 1 kg

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