Swastik Programmable Digital Thumbwheel Timer


Programmable Digital Thumbwheel Timer, encompassing models STW-721-N and STW-961-N, offers precise time control capabilities with the convenience of a thumbwheel input. Crafted to perfection, this timer showcases exceptional dimensional accuracy, promising a prolonged service life while maintaining resistance to rust and wear.

The STW-721-N and STW-961-N models, proudly presented by Beeco Electronics, feature a digital display that simplifies time monitoring. Designed for single-phase applications, these timers boast a robust ABS plastic body that ensures durability. Available in dimensions 96X96mm and 72X72mm, the timers provide a flush panel mounting option for seamless integration.

Backed by a 1-year warranty, these timers guarantee reliable performance. With single displays and convenient thumbwheel settings, they offer hassle-free usage. The timers are designed to handle a maximum current of 10A, voltage up to 240V, and wattage of 150W, allowing flexibility in various applications.

Catering to diverse needs, the Programmable Digital Thumbwheel Timer exemplifies quality and precision. As part of Beeco Electronics’ commitment to client satisfaction, this timer is a dependable choice for various time control requirements.

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This is Programmable Digital Thumbwheel Timer and Model no is STW-721-N, STW-961-N.  Dimensional accuracy, Long service life , Rust resistance.

Model Number/Name STW-721-N , STW-961-N
Brand Beeco Electronics / Swastik
Display Type Digital
Phase Single
Material ABS plastic Body
Size 96X96/72X72
Weight 250 gram
Mounting Type Flush panel Mounting
Warranty 1 year
Battery Backup No
Display Single
Setting by Thumbwheel
Max.Current 10A
Max. Voltage 240V
Max. Wattage 150 W


Usually dispatched within 4 working days

Warranty : 1 year cover { not valid if found fire burnt or damaged }

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Weight 1 kg

STW-721-N, STW-961-N

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