HPE Multi Channel PID/On-Off Temperature Controller



HPE series Multi channel Temperature controller module is a highly assembled intelligent temperature controller which provides both unified control and separated control by multifunction order & Extension module.
HPE series has centralized and unified control, single point control, exquisite appearance & Design & Internal compact structure and up to 256 point powerful extension ability to work out large space and hard unified management of multichannel temperature control problem in order to meet application requirement in different industry.
Users use RS-485 connection and modbus communication protocol, support communication with HMI, PLC to meet the requirement

Alarm High/Low Alarm – 2 Alarm relay
Channel 8 channel
Communication RS-485 / Modbus Communication
Expansion Cooling Output Module Can be extend
indication Power / communication / sensor break indication
Logic Level On : 12 V Dc OFF : 0.5 V DC/ 30 mA
Measuring range 0-1000*C
Output 8 relay
Resolution 0.1 Degree C
Working temperature 0-50 Degree C
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Voltage 24 VAC/DC
Temperature Range 0-1000 Degree C
Control output Type Relay
Input Type Thermocouple
Control Type PID/On-Off
Color Cream & Black
Input Sensor J/K/E/B/N/S/R/T type of thermocouple
Model No. HPE
Brand Cautoni-Beeco Electronics


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Weight 5 kg

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