Selec MiBRX-DSP-IND-96-8-0-00-C


MiBRX-DSP-IND-96-8-0-00-C model is equipped with a 3.5” resistive touch screen that provides an intuitive interface for convenient navigation and control. It features 5 capacitive touch pad keys, each with integrated yellow-green LEDs, offering enhanced usability and visual feedback. Operating on a supply voltage of 24V DC (non-isolated), this device ensures stable and reliable performance. Its combination of a resistive touch screen and capacitive touch keys allows for versatile interaction, making it suitable for various applications that require user-friendly interfaces and reliable functionality.



Display 3.5” Resistive touch screen
KEYS Yes (5 nos)
KEYS Type Capacitive Touch Pad type with integrated yellow green LEDs
Supply Voltage 24V DC (non-isolated)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

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