Selec MiBRX-DSP-IND-96-8-0-00-B


MiBRX-DSP-IND-96-8-0-00-B model is equipped with a 3.5” segment LCD display featuring a backlight for enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions. It incorporates 5 capacitive touch pad keys, each with integrated yellow-green LEDs, providing both user-friendly control and visual indicators. Operating on a 24V DC supply voltage (non-isolated), this device ensures reliable performance and compatibility with standard power sources. With its combination of a segment LCD, capacitive touch keys, and LED indicators, this model offers an intuitive and efficient interface solution for applications requiring clear displays and responsive user interaction.



Display 3.5” segment LCD with Backlight
KEYS Yes (5 nos)
KEYS Type Capacitive Touch Pad type with integrated yellow green LEDs
Supply Voltage 24V DC (non-isolated)

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Weight 3 kg

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