Selec MiBRX 96X96 (MiBRX-96-1-0-24VDC)


MiBRX 96X96 (MiBRX-96-1-0-24VDC) brings advanced control with an LCD display. Operating at 230VAC/24VDC, it adapts to diverse power sources. Sized at 96(W) x 96(H) x 99.1(D)mm, it effectively uses space. With 3+1 digital inputs, including 1 FI, 1 AI-V, NTC, and MASTER, it supports complex sensor configurations. Analog inputs feature 1 V(0-10V) and customizable options based on IO card selection, such as 2 channels [1-V(0-10V)/1-I(0-20mA)]. The unit offers outputs based on IO card capabilities. Equipped with RTC and Time Switch Function, it enables precise scheduling.

It features 240Kb code memory and RS485 Modbus RTU Protocol for seamless communication. Supporting 6 slots for expansion, it evolves alongside your needs. Designed for panel mounting, it ensures easy installation. With a counting frequency of 5kHz, it caters to various applications. In conclusion, the MiBRX 96X96 combines adaptable dimensions, diverse inputs/outputs, and reliable communication for efficient control.



Display Type LCD Display
Supply Voltage 230VAC/24VDC
Size 96(W) x 96(H) x 99.1(D)mm
Digital Inputs 3+1*(INCL 1FI, 1AI-V),NTC,MASTER)
Analog Inputs 1 V(0-10V) + As per IO Card Selection / 2 [1-V(0-10V)/1-I(0-20mA)] + As per IO Card Selection
Digital Outputs As per IO Card Selection
Analog Outputs As per IO Card Selection
No. of Slots 6
RTC With Time Switch Function Yes
Code Memory 240Kb
Communication Interface RS485 Modbus RTU Protocol (Master – Slave )
Expansion Yes
Mounting Type Panel Mount
FI / Maximum Counting Frequency 1( 5kHz)

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Weight 3 kg

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