Mini Ink Jet Printer . B-33


B-33 Mini 12.7mm Handheld TIJ Inkjet Printer, a versatile and portable solution for your batch coding and printing needs. With the ability to print within a dimension range of 2-12.7mm, this printer offers flexibility for various applications.

This product is in new condition and comes with a handheld design, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go batch coding. It’s suitable for printing on a variety of surfaces, such as bottles and plastic bags. The ink cartridge is included in the cost of the product, ensuring you’re ready to start printing immediately.

The B-33 Mini Inkjet Printer includes a warranty that covers replacement for 6 months. Please note that the warranty doesn’t extend to cover any physical damage that may occur during use.

Upgrade your batch coding and printing operations with the B-33 Mini Handheld TIJ Inkjet Printer. Its compact size, ink cartridge inclusion, and replacement warranty make it a reliable choice for on-the-spot coding needs.


Product Description

Mini 12.7mm Handheld TIJ inkjet Printer
Mobile Batch Coding Industrial inkjet Printer

Print Dimension: 2-12.7mm
Condition : New
mini hand  jet printer ink cartridge portable handheld inkjet printer expiry date batch coding machine for bottle plastic bag 


WARRANTY : 6 MONTS REPLACEMENT { not valid if found any physical damage } 

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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