Selec MPR-341-2, Motor protection relay


MPR-341-2, This cutting-edge product embodies Beeco’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The MPR-341-2 showcases a perfect blend of precision engineering and advanced technology, making it a standout in its category.
Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the MPR-341-2 offers unparalleled performance and reliability. Its sleek design is backed by Beeco’s years of expertise and dedication to producing top-tier products. Whether you’re in search of efficiency, durability, or seamless functionality, the MPR-341-2 delivers it all.
When you choose the MPR-341-2, you’re choosing a product that represents the forefront of quality and performance. Trust Beeco’s legacy of excellence and experience the future of innovation with the MPR-341-2. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Measuring Parameter Monitors Over Load (As per NEMA Curve), Over Current, Under Current, Earth Fault, Lock Current, Current Asymmetry, Phase Sequence, Phase Failure
Electrical Connection 3Ø – 3W
Test / Reset Manual / Auto reset
No. of LED 2
Voltage Measuring Range 90V – 270V AC / DC
Earth Fault Current Measurement with EFCT 31A to 160A
Current Measuring Range 3A – 80A (via external MPCT)
Power Consumption 4VA (max)
Output Contact Trip 1 C/O Alarm 1 C/O (Programmable as Trip / Alarm),
Relay Rating NO 5A@250V AC / 28VDCNC 3A@250V AC / 28VDC
Accuracy Time ±5%+100msec Current 5% of IR(Rated Current),
Reset Auto / Manual
Functional Specifications Over Load NEMA class : Start with OFF then Curve 5, 10, 15, 20, 30,
Over Current Ranges : Start With OFF then 4A TO 480A of IR (Rated Current) Step Size : 1A
Time Setting Over Current Trip Time: 0 – 999sec,
Under Current Ranges : Start With OFF then 1A TO 79A,
Of IR (Rated Current) Step Size : 1A,
Under Current Trip Time: 0 – 999sec,
Current Asymmetry Ranges : Start With OFF then 1A TO (Ir-1)A,
Of IR (Rated Current) Step Size : 1A,
Current Asymmetry Trip time: 0 – 999sec,
Locked current / Stall current: (Ir+1)A to 60A(Default :20A),
(Ir+1)A to 240A(Default : 80A),
(Ir+1)A to 480A(Default: 160A) Step Size : 1A,
Locked Current Trip time: 0 – 999sec,
Earth Fault Ranges : Start With OFF then 1A TO 160A,
Step Size : 1%,
Earth Fault Trip time: 0 – 999sec,
Phase Loss trip time: Instantaneous,
Phase Reversal Trip time: Instantaneous
Auto Restart Attempt Time Frame 0 – 999sec for Current related parameter,
0 – 999sec for EFR
Mounting Panel Mount
Size 96 X 96mm

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Weight 1 kg

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