Multispan TWS-2500F Thumbwheel Counters




This is Thumbwheel Counters and the model no is TWS-2500F. 6+4 Digit , 7 segment LED   .  Thumb wheel setting . NPN/PNP Proxy , Micro-switch, Encoder Pulse input  .Auto/Manual reset
One set point ,1 relay .Counting direction Up/Down .Memory retention

Model Name/Number TWS-2500F
Pannel Cutout(mm) 68×68
Input NPN/PNP Proximity switch/ Micro switch (Configurable)230VAC Pulse/ Encoder(Factory set)
Range 0 to 9999
Output  1relay 2C/O 5A , 230V AC(Resistive load)
operating mode Delayed ON/Delayed OFF (Configurable)
Memory yes/no (Configurable)
count direction up/down (Configurable)
Diameter 0-9999.99mm
Supply  230V AC ±10%,50Hz
Dimension(HxWxD) 72x72x85



Usually dispatched within 4 working days

Warranty : 1 year cover { not valid if found fire burnt or damaged } 

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Weight 1 kg

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