Selec PPRD-4M-3-415V, pump protection relay


PPRD-4M-3-415V is a versatile monitoring device designed to ensure the reliable operation of electrical systems. It comprehensively monitors a wide range of parameters, including Over Load (based on NEMA Curve), Over Current, Dry Run/Under Current, Locked Current, Current Asymmetry, Phase Sequence, Phase Failure, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, and Voltage Asymmetry.

With a 3-Phase-3-Wire electrical connection, the device offers both manual and auto reset options for enhanced control and flexibility. Its LED indication system provides clear insights into the power status and trip indications, ensuring efficient monitoring. The voltage measuring range spans from 280V AC to 500V AC (Line-to-Line), and its power consumption is capped at 40VA (max), optimizing energy efficiency.

Equipped with a Control Output featuring 1 Changeover (C/O) SPDT relay, the PPRD-4M-3-415V boasts accuracy in its readings. Its functional specifications include NEMA class-based overload protection, adjustable overcurrent ranges, undercurrent monitoring, current asymmetry detection, locked current sensing, and voltage asymmetry tracking.

Customizable time settings include a 1-second fixed power-on delay, a selection of trip time delays for both current and voltage parameters, and an auto-reset time of 15 minutes. The device also features instantaneous response for phase loss and phase reversal.

With DIN Rail mounting and dimensions of 66.50 x 70 x 90mm (Height x Width x Length), the PPRD-4M-3-415V is well-suited for easy integration into electrical setups. Its comprehensive range of features and accuracy makes it a dependable choice for maintaining the optimal performance and safety of electrical systems.


Measuring Parameter Monitors Over Load (As per NEMA Curve), Over Current,Dry Run/Under Current, Locked Current, Current Asymmetry, Phase Sequence, Phase Failure, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Voltage Asymmetry
Electrical Connection 3Ø – 3
Test / Reset Manual / Auto reset
LED Indication Power ON, Trip indication
Voltage Measuring Range 280V AC to 500V AC (L – L)
Power Consumption 40VA (max)
Output Contact Control Output 1 C/O (SPDT),
Relay Rating NO 5A@250V AC / 28VDCNC 3A@250V AC / 28VDC
Accuracy Current Accuracy ±5% of rated current,
Voltage Accuracy ±1% of 500V,
Time Accuracy ±5% ±100msec
Functional Specifications Over Load NEMA class Curve 5, 10, 15, 20, 30,
Over Current Ranges 10% – 70% of Ir (Rated Current),
Under Current 20% – 80% of Ir (Rated Current),
Current Asymmetry Fixed : 50% of Ir (Rated Current),
Locked Current / Stall Current Fixed : 300% of Ir (Rated Current),
Over Voltage Fixed (480V),
Under Voltage Fixed (350V)
Time Setting Power ON Delay 1sec (Fixed),
Trip Time Delay 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 sec,
(Current & Voltage parameters),
Auto reset time 15min,
(Current & Voltage parameters),
Phase Loss Instantaneous (<240ms),
Phase Reversal Instantaneous (<240ms)
Auto Restart Attempts 3 (Fixed)
Restart Attempt Time Frame 60min (Fixed) for current & voltage parameters
Mounting DIN Rail Mount
Size 66.50 x 70 x 90 (H x W x L)

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Weight 1 kg

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