Selec PPRWD-4M-1


PPRWD-4M-1 is an advanced monitoring solution meticulously designed to safeguard electrical systems while offering automatic start and stop functionality based on water level detection using a float switch. This versatile device accurately monitors an array of parameters, including Dry/Under Current, Over Current, Locked Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Phase Failure, and Overload.

With a 1-Phase-2-Wire electrical connection, it provides options for both manual and auto reset modes, accompanied by clear LED indicators for power status and trip indications. The 3-digit, 7-segment LED display ensures easy readability of measurements. The voltage measuring range spans from 180V to 300V AC (Line-to-Neutral), with a maximum power consumption of 40VA.

The device also caters to motor-rated current measurements ranging from 1A to 30A, making it adaptable to various setups. The Control Output features a single Normally Open (NO) relay with a relay rating of 32A@277V AC. Accuracy is maintained with ±5% for rated current and ±1% for voltage accuracy.

Its functional specifications encompass NEMA class-based overload protection, customizable overcurrent ranges, undercurrent monitoring, and detection of locked or stalled current. Voltage range limits are set between 180V and 300V AC.

Customizable time settings include a 1-second fixed power-on delay, adjustable trip time delays for both current and voltage parameters, and a recovery time for those same parameters. The auto restart feature attempts up to 3 times within a preset timeframe.

Designed for DIN Rail mounting, the device measures 66.50 x 70 x 90mm (Height x Width x Length), allowing convenient integration into various setups. The PPRWD-4M-1’s comprehensive functionality and precise accuracy make it an optimal choice for safeguarding electrical systems while providing water level-based automation.


Measuring Parameter Monitors Dry/Under Current, Over Current, Locked Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Phase Failure and Overload with Automatic start & stop as per water level detection (Float switch)
Electrical Connection 1Ø – 2
Test / Reset Manual / Auto reset
LED Indication Power ON, Trip indication
Display 3 Digits, 7 Segment LED display
Voltage Measuring Range 180 to 300V AC (L – N)
Power Consumption 40VA (max)
Power Motor Rated Current Measuring 1A to 30A
Output Contact Control Output 1 NO Relay,
Relay Rating 32A@277V AC
Accuracy Current Accuracy ±5% of rated current,
Voltage Accuracy ±1% of 300V,
Time Accuracy ±5% ±100msec
Functional Specifications Over load NEMA class 5, 10, 15, 20, 30,
Over current ranges [Ir (Rated current) + 1 to 32A],
Under current [0.2A to Ir (Rated current) – 1],
Locked current / Stall current [Ir (Rated current) + 1 to 32A],
Over voltage 180V – 300V AC ( L – N ),
Under voltage 180V – 300V AC ( L – N )
Time Setting Power ON delay 1sec (Fixed),
Trip time delay (Current & Voltage parameters) 0 – 999sec,
Recovery time (Current & Voltage parameters) 1 – 999sec,
Reset attempts 3 (fixed),
Reset Attempt Time Frame 1 – 999 mins
Auto Restart Attempts 3 (Fixed)
Mounting DIN Rail Mount
Size 66.50 x 70 x 90 (H x W x L)

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Weight 1 kg

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