Selec LXC900A-V


LXC900A-V is equipped with a LED display in a 7 1/2-digit configuration, capable of displaying a range of up to 19999999 counts. It counts in the upward direction and supports reset functionalities both from the front panel and remotely. Notably, it incorporates a front panel reset key for user convenience. Operating at input speeds of 14Hz and 100Hz, the device is battery-powered. With dimensions of 24 x 48mm, it’s designed for compactness and ideal for panel mounting. The LXC900A-V is certified with CE, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 7 1/2 Digits
Range 19999999 counts
Counting Direction Up
Reset Front, Remote
Features Front panel reset key
Input Speed 14Hz, 100Hz
Supply Voltage Battery Powered
Size 24 x 48mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Certification CE

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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