Selec SSR 40 ampere, DC input- AC output .


SELEC SSR 40 Ampere, a highly capable solid-state relay offering seamless DC input to AC output conversion.

Controlled by a DC input voltage range of 4 to 32V, this SSR ensures efficient and reliable operation across various systems.

With a versatile load output voltage range of 24 to 330V for the lower range and 48 to 480V for the higher range, it adapts to diverse electrical environments.

Capable of handling a maximum load current of 40A, this relay tackles demanding applications with ease.

Featuring a single Normally Open (NO) contact configuration, it ensures accurate and controlled switching.

Utilizing a TRIAC as the output device, this SSR guarantees stable and precise AC output.

Designed for panel mounting, it seamlessly integrates into existing setups, ensuring a streamlined installation process.

Weighing just 88.7 grams, this relay is lightweight and easy to handle.

Proudly crafted by SELEC, a trusted brand, this SSR guarantees exceptional quality and performance.


Control Input Voltage 4 to 32V DC
Load Output Voltage 24 to 330V / 48 to 480V AC
Max Load Current 40A
Contact Configuration 1 NO
Output Device TRIAC
Mounting Panel
Weight 88.7 gm


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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