Selec SSR 90 ampere , DC input — AC output


SSR 90 Ampere, a high-capacity solid-state relay engineered to seamlessly convert DC input into AC output.

Designed for precision control, this relay operates within a DC input voltage range of 4 to 32V, ensuring adaptable and reliable performance across various applications.

With a load output voltage range of 48 to 480V AC, this relay accommodates a broad spectrum of voltage requirements.

Effortlessly handling a remarkable maximum load current of 90A, it is well-equipped to manage demanding electrical loads with efficiency.

Featuring a single Normally Open (NO) contact configuration, the relay ensures accurate and controlled switching operations.

Driven by an SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) output device, this relay guarantees stable and precise AC output.

With a weight of 145 grams, this relay strikes a balance between robust construction and practical handling.


Control Input Voltage 4 to 32V DC
Load Output Voltage 48 to 480V AC
Max Load Current 90A
Contact Configuration 1 NO
Output Device SCR
Weight 145 gm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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