Selec TS2M1-1-16A-230V V2, Time switch


The TS2M1-1-16A-230V V2 is an advanced digital timer designed to provide precise time-based control for various applications. Featuring a Text LCD display without backlight, it offers clear information presentation. Equipped with a 1 Changeover (C/O) SPDT relay contact, it facilitates flexible switching operations. With a 1-week operation period, the timer offers the convenience of setting time-based tasks on a weekly basis.

It boasts the capability to manage up to 50 ON-OFF steps per day, enhancing scheduling flexibility. The display provides indications for Auto Manual mode, Holiday mode, Relay Status, Day of the Week, and Programming Mode, facilitating operational monitoring. Operating at 230V AC supply voltage and fitting into a DIN 35mm space, it’s designed for easy DIN rail mounting. The timer’s accuracy, indicated by an RTC accuracy of 15 minutes a year @25°C, ensures reliable timing precision. Certified with CE, it adheres to stringent quality standards, making it a dependable solution for time-controlled operations.



Display Type Text LCD (Without Backlight)
Relay Contact 1 C/O SPDT
Operation Period 1 Week
Features 50 ON-OFF Steps Per Day, Indications: Auto Manual, Holiday, Relay Status, Day Of Week, Programming Mode.
Supply Voltage 230V AC
Size DIN 35mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount
RTC Accuracy 15 mins a year @25 Deg C
Certification CE

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Weight 1 kg

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