Selec Time Switch TS2M1-2-16A-230V-CE


selec TS2M1-2-16A-230V-CE time switch is a reliable and efficient solution for time-based control applications. Its text LCD display, coupled with its intuitive features, ensures seamless operation. With 2 x 1 C/O SPDT relay contacts, this switch can efficiently manage your systems.

Operating within a 1-week time period, the TS2M1-2-16A-230V-CE allows for up to 30 ON-OFF steps per day. The display indicates crucial information such as Auto Manual mode, Holiday mode, Relay Status, Day of the Week, and Programming Modes including ON/OFF and Pulse modes.

Designed for convenience, this switch operates on a supply voltage of 230V AC. With its DIN 35mm size and DIN Rail Mount, it seamlessly integrates into standard control setups. The Real-Time Clock (RTC) ensures accurate timekeeping, with an accuracy of 15 minutes per year at 25°C.

Backed by CE certification, the selec TS2M1-2-16A-230V-CE time switch offers dependable performance for various industrial and commercial applications, making it a reliable choice for precise time control.



Display Type Text LCD (Without Backlight)
Relay Contact 2 x 1 C/O SPDT
Operation Period 1 Week
Features 30 ON-OFF Steps Per Day, Indications: Auto Manual, Holiday, Relay Status, Day Of Week, Programming Modes: ON/OFF and Pulse mode.
Supply Voltage 230V AC
Size DIN 35mm
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount
RTC Accuracy 15 mins a year @25 Deg C
Certification CE

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Weight 1 kg

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