Swastik GR818-A PID/On-Off Temperature Controllers


GR818-A PID/On-Off Temperature Controllers offer advanced temperature control capabilities with a 4-digit/7-segment display, providing precise monitoring and adjustment. With selectable resolution settings of 1 Degree C or 0.1 Degree C, it ensures accurate temperature management for various applications.

Featuring an impressive accuracy of +/- 0.5% FS, the controllers guarantee reliable and consistent performance. They operate within a voltage range of 85-265 VAC, accommodating diverse power supply conditions. The control output options include Relay/SSR and Analog (mA/mV), enabling flexible integration with different systems.

The GR818-A controllers support various input types, including Thermocouple, Voltage (mV), RTD, and Current (mA), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of temperature sensors. The PID/On-Off control types offer precise and responsive temperature regulation.

Constructed with an ABS plastic body in a sleek black color, the controllers are not only functional but also visually appealing. The model number GR818-AT 1220 represents the specific configuration, and the automatic type caters to efficient temperature control. With a current capacity of 100A, they are branded by Cautoni-Beeco Electronics, promising reliable performance for temperature-sensitive processes.


Display Type 4 Digit/7 Segment
Resolution 1 Degree C/ 0.1 Degree C
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Voltage 85-265 VAC
Control output Type Relay/SSR,Analog (mA/mV)
Input Type Thermocouple,Voltage (mV),RTD,Current (mA)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Material ABS Plastic Body
Color Black
Control Type PID/On-Off
Model No. GR818-AT 1220
Type Automatic
Current 100A
Brand Cautoni- Beeco Electronics



Model name GR-818-AT 1220
Display 4 Digit Dual display
Sensor T/C : K,E,J,S,B,N,R,T, W3-25, W3-26 RTD :PT-100-3w
Output 2 / 3 Relay output
Function Running Current /Max Current value / Min Current value /total current indication
Indication : For relay / Alarm status / Alarm information
Communication RS-485 / modbus protocol
Sampling Type 300 ms
Current Measure Range Range up to 100 amp AC- 1/2 channel CT Input
Control mode for current measure High/Low/ High-Low Alarm selectable on Heater current
Control Action PID / Two-way PID / On-Off
Keyboard Knob Setting
Range – 50.0*C to 199.9*C / 0-1600*C
Operating Temperature 0 -50*C / 95% Rh
Mounting Flush Panel Mounting
Size 96X96 /72X72/48X48/ 48X96 in mm
Supply SMPS OR linear



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Warranty : 1 year cover { not valid if found fire burnt or damaged }

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