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HC205 Humidity Controller is a precise solution for managing humidity levels. Categorized as a Humidity Controller, it features a 7-segment LED dual display with a configuration of 4+4 digits. The controller is designed to accommodate 5V RH (HS-A-100) sensors for humidity measurement, ensuring accurate readings.

The HC205 offers high-resolution measurements with a 1/0.1° resolution. Its accuracy is notable, with humidity readings accurate within ±1º of the full scale. The controller’s output is relay-based, enabling precise control.

Equipped with a single set point, the control output operates on an ON-OFF basis. Additionally, it incorporates several features for enhanced functionality, including load protection protocol, low/high alarm capabilities, and the provision of a free RH sensor along with the unit.

The HC205 Humidity Controller operates within a supply voltage range of 90-270V AC/DC, accommodating various power sources. Its compact size of 72 x 72mm and panel mount design simplify installation and integration.

In summary, the HC205 Humidity Controller offers accurate and reliable humidity management with its dual LED display, precise measurements, and advanced features, making it a valuable addition to humidity control applications.



Display Type 7 Segment LED Dual Display
Display Configuration 4+4 digits
Type of Inputs 5V RH (HS-A-100) sensor for Humidity
Resolution 1/0.1°
Accuracy Humidity : ±1º of full scale
Type of Output Relay
Set Point 1
Control Output ON – OFF control
Features Load protection protocol, Low / High Alarm, Free RH sensor with unit
Supply Voltage 90-270V AC/DC
Size 72 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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