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HC404 Humidity Controller is a precise instrument designed to manage humidity levels effectively. As a Humidity Controller, it features a 7-segment LED display with a single white display configuration, boasting 3 digits for easy readability.

Designed to work with 5V RH (HS-A-100) humidity sensors, the HC404 offers high-resolution measurements with a choice between 1° and 0.1° increments. Its accuracy is impressive, with humidity readings staying within ±1º of the full scale.

The controller operates through relay-based outputs, enabling accurate control over humidity levels. With a single set point and ON-OFF control mode, it offers simplicity and precision in managing humidity.

Enhancing its functionality, the HC404 includes features such as load protection protocol, low/high alarms, and even provides a free RH sensor with the unit for added convenience.

The HC404 Humidity Controller operates within a supply voltage range of 90-270V AC/DC, making it versatile for various power sources. With a compact size of 36 x 72mm and panel mount design, it’s easy to integrate into different setups.

Certified with CE and boasting IP65 frontal protection, the HC404 meets quality and safety standards.

In summary, the HC404 Humidity Controller, with its clear LED display, high accuracy, and advanced features, is a valuable tool for precise humidity control applications.



Display Type 7 Segment LED, Single White Display
Display Configuration 3 Digits
Type of Inputs 5V RH (HS-A-100) sensor for Humidity
Resolution 1/0.1°
Accuracy Humidity : ±1º of Full scale
Type of Output Relay
Set Point 1
Control Mode ON-OFF
Features Load protection protocol, Low / High Alarm, Free RH sensor with unit
Supply Voltage 90-270V AC/DC
Size 36 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Certification CE, IP65 fronta

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