This is  Humidity + Temperature Controller and the model no is MHT-9044.


Model Name/Number MHT- 9044(Humidity+Temp.Controller)
Dimension (HxWxD)  160x380x50
Display  Upper ; 7segment , 4digit , 2025″ Red led Display – Temperature
Lower – 7 segment , 4 digit , 2.25″ green led display – Humidity
Input S-1 : PT-100 2wire or 3wire (RTD) S-2 : humdity sensor
Range PT-100 2wire or 3wire “(-99°C to 400°C)
Humidity sensor
Output 1 relay for temperature and 2 relay for humidity
Control Action ON-OFF
Accuracy ±1% of FSD
Power Supply  100-270V AC (SMPS), 50/60hz/24V DC (Factory set)



Usually dispatched within 4 working days

Warranty : 1 year cover { not valid if found fire burnt or damaged } 

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Weight 1 kg

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