Multispan PFLC-68 Photo Electric Controllers-Fully Pneumatic Packaging Machine




This is Photo Electric Controllers-Fully Pneumatic Packaging Machine  and the Model no is PFLC-68 .    Touch Screen Facility in PFLC-68 . Multi Colour LCD . Graphical LCD (MPC-1065)
Clutch & Break Output

Model Name/Number  PFLC-68
Pannel Cutout(mm) 92×92
Input Star Pulse 2 NON Proimity Switch (Factory set)
2 Color Mark Sensor (NPN/PNP Selection)
Output Clutch & Brake, H-Sealer Relay, V-Sealer Relay, Nitrogen Filling Relay,
Batch Cutter Relay, Batch Coding Relay, Auger Relay, Unwinding Relay
Reset Manual Reset
Memory Non-Volatile Memory
Supply  24V DC
Dimension(HxWxD) 96x96x52



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Warranty : 1 year cover { not valid if found fire burnt or damaged }

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Weight 1 kg

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