Selec SP112-GT40-S-CE


SP112-GT40-S-CE presents a 4.3″ LCD Screen with 65536 colors and 480 x 272 Pixels resolution. It combines 256MB Flash with 256MB DRAM for user memory. Operating on 24 VDC, it has built-in data logging for up to 100,000 logs. Equipped with a 4.3″ Resistive Touch Screen, the display measures 129 x 93mm.

It offers versatile communication options: Serial ports COM1 (RS485) and COM2 (RS232), Ethernet via ETH PORT (10M/100M Self Adaptation), and USB via USB Port (USB 2.0). Real-Time Clock (RTC), data logging, recipes, alarms, and password protection enhance its utility. With IP65 protection, it functions optimally between 0°C and 50°C



Display Type 4.3″ LCD Screen (65536 colors)
Resolution 480 x 272 Pixels
User Memory 256MB Flash + 256MB DRAM
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Data logging Inbuilt ( Upto 100000 logs )
Display Configuration 4.3″ Resistive Touch Screen
Size 129 x 93mm
Communication Serial : COM1 (RS485), COM2 (RS232) , Ethernet : ETH PORT(10M / 100M Self Adaptation) , USB : USB Port (USB 2:0)
Real Time Clock (RTC) Yes
Data Logging Yes
Recipes Yes
Alarms Yes
Password Yes
Ingress Protection IP65
Working Temperature 0°C to 50°C

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Weight 1 kg

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