Selec XTC4102-CE


XTC4102-CE is equipped with a LED display featuring 6 digits in white LED configuration. It accepts inputs from counters ranging from 5 to 30V DC, compatible with proximity switches, encoders, potential-free contacts, and limit switches. Additionally, it can handle timer inputs from potential-free contacts. The device’s capabilities encompass memory retention and a compact size for convenience. Counting direction is exclusively upward, while input speeds vary between 20Hz and 5kHz. The sensor compatibility includes NPN and PNP potential-free contacts. The device operates on a sensor supply of 12V DC @60mA and a supply voltage of 90-270V AC/DC (12 to 24V DC optional). Its size of 36 x 72mm makes it suitable for panel mounting.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 6 Digits White LED
Input Counter: 5 to 30V DC from Proximity switches, Encoder, Potential free contacts, Limit Switches etc.
Timer: potential free contact
Range 999999 Counts
Features Memory Retention, Compact Size
Counting Direction Up
Input Speed a)20Hz
Sensor Type NPN, PNP Potential Free Contacts
Sensor Supply 12V DC @60mA
Supply Voltage 90-270V AC/DC
12 to 24V DC (Optional)
Size 36 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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