Selec LT920A


LT920A is a versatile Time Interval Meter designed to accurately measure time intervals. With its LED display and a configuration of 7 1/2 digits, it offers precise and clear time readings. The device accepts a wide range of input types, including 24V to 260V AC/DC, contact, and voltage inputs.

Featuring a front panel reset key, the LT920A is user-friendly and allows for quick reset operations. Measuring 24 x 48mm in size, it’s compact and suitable for various applications. The meter covers a broad time range of 199999.99 hours or 1999 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds in the hr:min:sec format.

Reset functionality is available both on the front panel and through remote means. Operating on battery power, the meter ensures reliable functionality with a memory that can store data for up to 5 years. Its panel mount design makes installation hassle-free. With CE certification, the LT920A guarantees quality and compliance. It’s an ideal solution for accurately monitoring time intervals in diverse settings.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 7 1/2 Digits
Type Of Input 24V to 260V AC / DC, Contact / Voltage Input
Feature Front panel reset key
Size 24 x 48mm
Range 199999.99hrs, 1999:59:59 hr:min:sec
Reset Front, Remote
Supply Voltage Battery Powered
Memory 5 Years
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Certification CE

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Weight 1 kg

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