Selec TI103C


TI103C is a highly functional timing relay designed to provide accurate and versatile timing control. Its key specifications include a 4-digit LED display configuration that offers clear visibility of timing values. The relay’s range is designed for flexibility, featuring both autoranging from 0.001 to 9999 seconds and fixed ranges like .9999, 9.999, 99.99, 999.9, and 9999 seconds.

The reset options offer user-selectable front reset, auto reset, and remote reset for convenience. The relay ensures precision with ± 5% accuracy of the full scale during setting and ± 0.5% repeat accuracy of 50ms (whichever is greater). Counting upwards, the TI103C operates within a supply voltage range of 90 to 270V AC / DC. Its compact size of 48 x 96mm is tailored for panel mounting, making it suitable for various control applications.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 4 Digits
Range Autoranging: 0.001 to 9999 sec Fixed Range:.9999, 9.999, 99.99, 999.9, 9999sec
Reset Front (User Selectable), Auto Reset, Remote
Accuracy Setting: ± 5% Of Full Scale, Repeat: ± 0.5% Of 50ms (Whichever Is Greater)
Counting Direction Up
Supply Voltage 90 to 270V AC / DC
Size 48 x 96mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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