Selec TT412


TT412 is an advanced digital timer designed to provide precise time control for various applications. With its LED display type, it offers clear and easily readable information. Its 6-digit display configuration ensures accurate representation of timing information. The timer accepts input from mains, potential-free contacts, and PNP sensors, offering versatility in its application.

It boasts a wide timing range, accommodating settings in seconds, minutes, and hours, with options such as 99999.9, 999999, sec, min, and hr. The reset function is remote-controlled, allowing for quick adjustments with a reset time of 20ms.

Precision is a key feature of the TT412, with accuracy in setting at ± 5% of full scale, and repeat accuracy at ± 0.5% of 50ms (whichever is greater). Additionally, it comes with a remarkable memory retention of up to 10 years, ensuring your timing settings are preserved.

Operating within a supply voltage range of 90 to 270V AC / DC, the TT412 is suitable for various power systems. Its compact size of 36 x 72mm and panel mounting capability make it a convenient addition to control setups. The TT412 digital timer is a reliable and versatile solution, providing accurate time control across a broad spectrum of applications.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 6 Digits
Input Mains , Potential Free Contact , PNP Sensor
Range 99999.9 / 999999 / sec / min / hr
Reset Remote(Reset time: 20ms)
Accuracy Setting: ± 5% Of Full Scale, Repeat: ± 0.5% Of 50ms (Whichever Is Greater)
Memory 10 Years
Supply Voltage 90 to 270V AC / DC
Size 36 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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