Selec TT412B


TT412B is an advanced digital timer designed to offer precise and versatile time control solutions. Its LED display ensures clear visibility of timing information, while the 6-digit configuration enhances accuracy. This timer accommodates input from various sources, including mains, potential-free contacts, and PNP sensors, making it adaptable to diverse applications.

With multiple timing ranges, from seconds to hours, the TT412B caters to various needs, such as a) 99999.9 seconds, b) 999999 seconds, c) 99999.9 minutes, d) 999999 minutes, e) 99999.9 hours, and f) 999999 hours. The remote reset feature with a reset time of just 20ms allows for swift adjustments.

Exceptional accuracy is a hallmark of the TT412B, with setting accuracy of ± 0.05% of the full scale. Its remarkable memory retention preserves settings for up to 10 years, adding to its efficiency. Additionally, a sensor supply of 12V DC at 60mA enhances functionality.

Operating within a supply voltage range of 90 to 270V AC / DC, and with a compact size of 36 x 72mm, this timer is suitable for panel mounting, enhancing convenience in control setups. The TT412B digital timer stands as a reliable solution for accurate time control in various industrial and automation scenarios.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 6 Digits
Input Mains , Potential Free Contact , PNP Sensor
Range a) 99999.9 sec
b) 999999 sec
c) 99999.9 min
d) 999999 min
e) 99999.9 hrs
f) 999999 hrs
Reset Remote(Reset time: 20ms)
Accuracy Setting: ± 0.05% Of Full Scale
Memory 10 Years
Sensor Supply 12V DC @60mA
Supply Voltage 90 to 270V AC / DC
Size 36 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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