Selec XT 264 – 3


XT264-3 is a versatile timing relay with specific features and functionalities suitable for various applications. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

  • Product Name: XT264-3
  • Display: 3-digit display
  • Set Point: Single set point for configuration
  • Relay Modes: Supports ON delay and Interval relay modes
  • Time Ranges: Offers 6 different time ranges, providing flexibility in setting timing intervals
  • Counting Direction: Designed to count down from the configured time interval
  • Pulse Start Input: Capable of receiving pulse signals to initiate the timing process
  • Power Supply: Compatible with a universal power supply, accommodating various voltage levels

This timing relay, with its ON delay and Interval modes, is ideal for applications that require controlled timing functions. The ability to count down and support multiple time ranges offers adaptability to different scenarios. The integration of pulse start input allows for external triggers to initiate the timing process.

With a 3-digit display and single set point, the XT264-3 provides a user-friendly interface for configuring and monitoring timing parameters. Its compatibility with a universal power supply adds to its versatility and usability across different power systems.

In summary, the XT264-3 timing relay is a reliable solution for applications that demand precise timing control, countdown functionality, and flexibility in time ranges. Its features make it suitable for diverse industrial and automation settings.



Product: XT264-3
  • 3 digit, Single set point
  • Relay modes – ON delay, Interval
  • Multi range – 6 time ranges
  • Counting direction – down
  • Pulse start input
  • Universal power supply

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