Selec XT 364-3


The XT364-3 is a compact and versatile timing relay with specific features designed for various timing applications. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

  • Display Type: LED display
  • Display Configuration: 3-digit display, providing clear visual indication of the timing value
  • Relay Contact: Equipped with 2 Changeover (C/O) DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) relay contacts, allowing for switching between two different electrical circuits
  • Time Range: Offers a variety of time ranges to choose from:
    • 9.99 / 99.9 / 999 seconds
    • 99.9 / 999 minutes
    • 99.9 hours
  • Size: Compact size with dimensions of 48 x 48mm, making it suitable for installation in tight spaces or control panels

The XT364-3 timing relay is equipped with LED displays that provide clear visibility of the timing values. Its 3-digit display configuration allows users to monitor timing intervals with precision.

The 2 C/O DPDT relay contacts enable the relay to control two separate electrical circuits based on the timing parameters. This flexibility makes the XT364-3 suitable for various automation and control applications that require synchronized switching.

With its diverse time range options, the XT364-3 accommodates a wide range of timing needs, whether in seconds, minutes, or hours. The compact size of 48 x 48mm makes it space-efficient and ideal for installations where panel space is limited.

In summary, the XT364-3 timing relay with LED display, multiple relay contacts, and various time ranges offers an effective solution for applications requiring accurate and synchronized timing control. Its compact design further enhances its usability in different settings.



Product: XT364-3
3 digit, Single set point
Relay modes – ON delay, Interval
Multi range – 6 time ranges
Counting direction – down
Pulse start input
Universal power supply

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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