Selec XT546


XT546 is a feature-rich timing relay designed for precise timing control and reliability.

The XT546 timing relay offers a comprehensive set of features, making it suitable for applications that require precise timing control. The dual LED display ensures accurate monitoring of both set values and elapsed time.

With its memory retention, multiple operating modes, and accurate timing, the XT546 is well-suited for scenarios where reliability and precision are essential.

The presence of 1 C/O SPDT relay contact enables the relay to control electrical circuits, adding to its flexibility and applicability.

In summary, the XT546 timing relay is a reliable solution for applications demanding precise timing control, accuracy, and ease of use. Its compact design, versatile features, and industry certification make it a suitable choice for automation and control panels.



Display Type 7 Segment LED, Dual Display
Display Configuration 3+3 Digits
Feature Memory Retention
Relay Contact 1 C/O SPDT
Range 9.99 / 99.9 / 999sec, 9.59min sec, 99.9 / 999min, 9.59hr : min, 99.9 / 999 hr
Operating Modes ON Delay / Interval / Cyclic ON First / Cyclic OFF First
Reset Front, Remote, Power Interruption
Accuracy ± 0.05% or 50 ms (Whichever Is Greater)
Counting Direction Down
Supply Voltage 85 to 270V AC , 24V AC / DC
Size 48 x 48mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Certification CE

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Weight 1 kg

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