Selec XT 56


XT 56 Timer, a versatile device tailored to meet your timing needs. Here are the key specifications that define its capabilities:

Display Type: Equipped with an LED display, ensuring clear visibility and readability. Display Configuration: Featuring a 3-digit display layout, providing concise time information. Relay Contact: Boasting 2 C/O DPDT relay contacts, enhancing its functionality and compatibility with different applications. Range Options: Offers a wide range of timing intervals, including 9.99 / 99.9 / 999 seconds, 99.9 / 999 minutes, and 99.9 hours. Size: Compact and convenient, with dimensions of 48 x 48mm, allowing for easy integration into various setups.

The XT 56 Timer’s LED display and versatile timing range make it suitable for a multitude of applications. Whether you require precise timing intervals for short durations or extended periods, this timer provides the flexibility and reliability you need. Its compact size ensures easy installation, and the dual relay contact setup adds to its adaptability. The XT 56 Timer is a dependable solution designed to meet your timing requirements with efficiency and precision.


About this item

  • Display Type: LED
  • Display Configuration: 3 Digits
  • Relay Contact: 2 C/O DPDT
  • Range: 9.99 / 99.9 / 999 sec, 99.9 / 999 min, 99.9hr
  • Size: 48 x 48mm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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