Selec XT543-N


The XT543-N is a versatile timing relay that offers precise timing control and flexibility for various applications.

The XT543-N timing relay offers a comprehensive range of time intervals and operating modes, catering to various timing needs. The 3-digit LED display ensures clear visibility of the timing values, aiding in monitoring accuracy.

The presence of 2 C/O DPDT relay contacts makes the XT543-N suitable for applications that require synchronized switching between two electrical circuits.

With multiple reset options and a wide supply voltage range, the XT543-N provides ease of use and adaptability to different scenarios.

In summary, the XT543-N timing relay is a reliable solution for applications demanding precise timing control and flexibility. Its compact design, versatile timing options, and mounting capabilities make it well-suited for automation and control panels.



Display Type LED
Display Configuration 3 Digits
Relay Contact 2 C/O DPDT
Reset Front, Remote, Power Interruption
Range 0 – 9.99sec / 0 – 99.9sec / 0 – 999sec / 0 – 9:59min:sec / 0 – 99.9min / 0 – 999min / 0 – 9:59hr:min / 0 – 99.9hr / 0 – 999hr
Counting Direction Down
Supply Voltage 90 to 270V AC / DC
Operating Modes ON Delay, Interval, Cyclic ON First, Cyclic OFF First
Size 48 x 48mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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