Selec XT246


The XT246 is a versatile and feature-rich timing relay designed for precise timing control in various applications. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its key specifications:

  • Display Type: 7-Segment LED display
  • Display Configuration: Dual display with 3+3 digits, providing clear visual indication of both set value and elapsed time
  • Relay Contact: Equipped with 2 Changeover (C/O) SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) relay contacts, allowing for switching between two electrical circuits
  • Time Range: Offers a variety of time ranges to choose from:
    • 9.99 / 99.9 / 999 seconds
    • 9.59 minutes and seconds
    • 99.9 / 999 minutes
    • 9.59 hours and minutes
    • 99.9 / 999 hours
  • Operating Modes: Supports multiple operating modes:
    • ON Delay
    • Interval
    • Cyclic ON First
    • Cyclic OFF First
  • Feature: Memory Retention, allowing the relay to retain its settings even after power loss or interruption
  • Reset: Front panel, Remote, or Power Interruption reset options
  • Counting Direction: Downward counting
  • Supply Voltage: Compatible with a wide range of supply voltages:
    • 85 to 270V AC
    • 24V AC / DC
  • Size: Compact size with dimensions of 72 x 72mm, suitable for panel mounting
  • Mounting Type: Designed for panel mount installations

The XT246 timing relay offers exceptional flexibility with its various time ranges and operating modes. The dual 7-segment LED display ensures clear visibility of both set values and elapsed time, enhancing monitoring accuracy.

The presence of 2 C/O SPDT relay contacts enables the relay to control two different electrical circuits, making it suitable for applications that require synchronized switching.

With memory retention and multiple reset options, the XT246 ensures ease of use and convenience in different scenarios. Its compatibility with different supply voltages adds to its versatility.

In summary, the XT246 timing relay is a feature-rich solution for applications demanding precise timing control and versatility. Its compact design and mounting options make it an excellent choice for automation and control panels.



Display Type 7 Segment LED, Dual Display
Display Configuration 3+3 Digits
Relay Contact 2 C/O SPDT
Range 9.99 / 99.9 / 999sec, 9.59 min sec, 99.9 / 999min, 9.59hr : min, 99.9 / 999 hr
Operating Modes ON Delay / Interval / Cyclic ON First / Cyclic OFF First
Feature Memory Retention
Reset Front, Remote, Power Interruption
Counting Direction Down
Supply Voltage 85 to 270V AC , 24V AC / DC
Size 72 x 72mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

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Weight 1 kg

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